Player profile: About Gary Thacker

This is the website of the author and football journalist, Gary Thacker.

Currently living in Spain, Gary writes and talks about football across a number of platforms. This website is a catalogue of his written work dating from July 2014 to date, and details other media where he has featured.

Gary has published a number of books and regularly writes for select magazines and websites including ‘These Football Times’ – where he is a member of the Senior Management Team. He has had work featured on The Guardian Sports Network, and writes a weekly column on La Liga for an English language newspaper in Spain. In 2017, he was shortlisted for the Football Supporters’ Federation ‘Blogger of the Year Award’.

He has featured on BBC Radio and talkSPORT, along with a number of podcasts. He has own series on ‘These Football Times’ as part of ‘The Lob’ series of podcasts. It’s called ‘The Political Football’ and examines the differing ways in which football and politics are intertwined throughout the world.


Summary of published books:

“Beautiful Bridesmaids Dressed in Oranje: The Unfulfilled glory of Dutch Football” (Published June 2021)

Beautiful Bridesmaids Dressed in Oranje: The Unfulfilled Glory of Dutch Football is the story of a dazzling football dream. Built on the club successes of Ajax and Feyenoord, it’s a utopian ideal that blazed with a bright but ephemeral Oranje flame, scorching the football pitches of the world in the 1970s. Although Dutch clubs dominated the European Cup from 1969 to 1973, until 1974 the Oranje had failed to qualify for a World Cup for 36 years. Two finals then followed in successive tournaments, as ‘totaalvoetbal’ burst from its chrysalis, proudly revealing to the world its wings adorned with vivid shades of Oranje. The winners were the brides. It was their day, but the Dutch sides were more beautiful, yet so fragile, and football loved them for it. This isn’t merely a tale of bridesmaids who came so close yet failed gloriously. It is the celebration of a footballing counter-culture, a revolution, a flame that burned so brightly, but so briefly. It’s the story of those Beautiful Bridesmaids Dressed in Oranje.

Available to pre-order now from this link:


“The Games People Play” (Published October 2020).

This book marked Gary’s first journey into fiction writing – Jon Moreton would have made it to the top-flight as a player: he had the mentality and ability, but his body let him down. An old friend Charlie Broome comes to the rescue and gives him a break: managing the struggling Spanish amateur league side CD Retama. Feathers are ruffled: he is mistrusted by the players and stand-in coach, Sophia Garrigues. Can he adapt to life in Spain and turn things around? Plenty of twists and turns through the season in this tale of football, love, and betrayal.

“The Games People Play” can be ordered using this link:


“Cheers, Tears & Jeers – A History of England and the World Cup” (Published April 2018).

Winning the World Cup in 1966 was the high watermark in the history of the England national football team. Both before and after The Day, however, the Three Lions have a chequered history in the world’s biggest footballing event. This book seeks to chart a path through that history, stopping for contemplation at various points on the way. It’s a journey full of highs and lows, with memories both golden and tarnished, and an occasional dip into some iconic games and events where England weren’t involved. Completed ahead of the World Cup Finals of 2018, the book offers an account of the story up until that event. What shaped England’s fare in Russia? Opinions will vary, but perhaps a review of the history up until that time may give an indication as to why it turned out as it did. It’s a tale of smiles and frowns, of joys and sorrow, and indeed of Cheers, Tears and Jeers. It’s the history of England and the World Cup. 

“Cheers, Tears & Jeers – A History of England and the World Cup” can be ordered using this link:


“I Don’t Even Smoke! – A brief history of life, love and football through blue-tinted glasses. Oh yes, and a cigar.” (Published January 2016).

Football has always been a strong element in my life. From very early days, right through six decades of being in love with the beautiful game, it has touched the most important moments for me. Of life and of love. For me, football is not just the background music though. It’s a strident theme tune; at one and the same time both alluring and demanding, strident and compelling. It’s that song you can’t get out of your head, not least because you don’t want to. If you’re looking for a real-life read about life, love and football, please forgive me for recommending this book to you. It’s at sometimes sad, at others funny – at least I hope so! – but always honest. As a Chelsea fan, I freely acknowledge its leaning towards the blue, but that’s just because my experiences are tinted with that colour. Chelsea fans would probably be able to identify with most of the events and emotions I experienced, but even if you’re attached to another club, I’m sure you’ll feel an empathy with the way the ‘beautiful game’ paints pictures in your life.

“I Don’t Even Smoke! – A brief history of life, love and football through blue-tinted glasses. Oh yes, and a cigar” can be ordered using this link:


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All Blue Daze acknowledges that many of the articles on the site are enhanced by the use of appropriate photographs, but we do not know who shot them. May we however offer a big thank you to the many great photographers out there who unfortunately remain unnamed.

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